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Understanding The Bible

by John Stott


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Scripture Union (SU)
Published:19 September 2015

I had heard of this author but never read any of his books before.

There are eight chapters in the book and each one of them opens with three question which are answered in the following chapter and aims to give a rounded answer.

The author doesn't jump straight into the Books of the  Old  and New Testaments. He actually starts talking about them in Chapter 3 and 4.   I found the first 2 chapters really helpful to get a " feel " for  the background of the Bible. These 2 chapters were " the purpose of the Bible" and " the land of the Bible"  The second chapter in particular  helped me. It wasn't just about the geography of the land but also about the seasons, the nature e.g weather which helped me understand  some of the parables better.  It was also about the people who lived there, the different tribes etc.

The next two chapters were about the story of the Bible, the Old and the New testament. Again the author takes you through these books   and answeres the questions in a way which is helpful and not too heavy going. For me personally I found the question abut the "Inter-testamental period" really helpful I had never heard this before.He is not afraid to put across a different point of view which even if you disagree with you can see the point.

The final chapters were really useful they answered questions which sometimes are hard to answer e.g authority, Interpretation and use of the Bible.

In summary I was surprised and enlightened by this book. I was expecting a heavy going book which I would find difficult to follow, on the contrary it was thought provoking and helpful. It is a book which I can see myself going back to time and time again.



Reviewer: Julia Bennett   (09/12/15)
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