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Why It Matters In All We Think, Say And Do

by Paul David Tripp


Price: £9.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:October 2015

We don't talk a lot about Awe and we should do, that's the basic premise of this book and the author is spot on about that fact. Awe is that wow factor that we all desire to know and go seeking after, in the words of the author its something we are born to, and often it's a misunderstanding of this fact (and what we should be in awe of) that causes so many problems we encounter, such as War, transgression, materialism and other such things.

In this book Tripp attempts to help us put Awe in its rightful context, namely and especially in the context of God, Awe of the Lord after all is the beginning of wisdom, and he does this in an easy to read style of writing that blends personal stories with biblical insight and theological thought that is very approachable.




Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (30/01/16)
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