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The Pastor's Wife

Strengthened By Grace For A Life Of Love

by Gloria Fuhrman


Price: £7.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:April 2015

Gloria Furman writes an encouraging book for those women in ministry with their husbands. She herself has four young children and has been in Dubai planting Redeemer Church with her husband Dave.

She is honest about her experiences showing how any woman who has been or is in her situation has had to juggle church life, live with the expectations and demands from others, keep her home and give time to her husband and children. 

However, in the midst of her occasional loneliness, and even times of utter despair as to how everything can be held togather, Gloria Furman hits the nail on the head by describing that ministry should be always Christ centred. Her identity is in Christ, it is not in being a mother, a wife or a pastor. The central question of ministry is who is the ministry for; the answer is clear - it is for Christ and Him alone. Every need in life and every dream comes from Him. The ministry to people is the expression of love for Christ and keeping that central will give joy whatever life brings.

Reviewer: Catherine Clark   (26/06/15)
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