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Postcards From The Edge

Finding God In Hard Places

by Ian Coffey


Price: £7.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:February 2015

'Postcards from the Edge' is a fantastic book that works as a personal read, a personal bible study or as a group bible study.
It blends good, easy to read, commentary style studies of 8 biblical characters blended with a strong subject they best reflect in their lives... so we have for example Ruth and Loss, Jeremiah and Inadequacy, Paul and Fear, PEter and Impisonment etc.
What is so good about these studies though is that they don't stay just with the bible character although that is the main focus, they also look at a modern equivalent to help highlight the subject values, so for instance you have Jeremiah with Frodo! Ruth is compared with an ordinary woman called Jill who founded 3 children's hospices, Paul is compared with Maurice Chevalier! These comparison stories at the end of the chapters just highlight the subject really well ... and can also be used as great story pieces on their own in a number of settings, maybe assemblies or such.
A very good book that works in a number of ways succesfully.


Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (01/08/15)
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