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The Path To Peace

by Simon Vibert


Price: £8.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:June 2014

I was very pleasantly surprised by this book, sadly Christian self-help type books often seem to contain very little of the Bible in them and instead a lot of pseudospeak, but this one is very much bible-centric, and yet not so much so that it fails to be really relevant to today or glosses over the stress of modern day life.

It does not read as a preachy 'if you have God then you won't have stress'—although it does in some ways say that—rather it reads that if you have stress then look at things from a different angle. For example, it causes you to ask how can we change things to minimise our stress, and if we live with God at the centre, if we consider the lessons of the Bible about stress—and there are many!—then maybe what we see is a correlation between the modern day suggested solutions to stressful life and the God ordered way of living. 

Sleep, rest, work life balance, anger, joy, good eating habits, and much more besides are all are there. And if we take God's advice to heart then we really do find a way to tackle, reduce and live with stress—and in this, we find a path to peace.

This is a really well written book that is easy to read and genuinely helpful. I love the way the author has made use of a series of 'made up characters' that are in fact real representations of the types of people under stress and how through them we can see ourselves mirrored.

Stress is a big problem for a lot of people and this book could be a really helpful book for those suffering from stress, as well as for those needing to counsel those with stress. Definitely one for any pastoral bookshelf.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (30/07/14)
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