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Preaching Matters

Encountering The Living God

by Jonathan Lamb


Price: £9.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:July 2014

Preaching Matters provides the reader with an excellent all-in-one guide to biblical preaching that results in the recipients encountering the living God. This is an excellent starting point for new preachers, and a warm and robust revision for seasoned leaders. Jonathan Lamb uses the text of Nehemiah 8 to guide us through what preachers should be grappling with, practicing and aiming for in order to continue to grow and become masters at their art.

Lamb splits the book into three sections. The first focuses rightly on the heart of preaching and the preacher—getting the preachers relationship with the living God right as a matter of utmost importance in biblical preaching. The second focuses on the ‘art’ of preaching. What we might normally find in homiletics textbooks in summarized in a readable and accessible manner. In the third section, Lamb focuses on the purpose of preaching, elucidating the subtitle of his book: Encountering the living God.

The additional seven appendices make this excellent introduction to biblical preaching even more useful in providing the tools for the training of new preachers. This book is warm, encouraging, and full of wisdom – a must for every preacher, new and experienced.

Reviewer: Tim Goodall   (16/09/14)
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