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As Long As The Earth Endures

The Bible, Creation and the Environment

by Ed. Jonathan Moo & Robin Routledge


Price: £19.99
Publisher:Apollos imprint of IVP
Published:February 2014

With contributors like Alister McGrath, R.J Berry & Sean McDonough to name just a few, you know this book is going to be of a serious calibre and it really is. This is real Biblical studies, meets creation and environmental theology and ethics head on.

There is in this book a real theological call to good husbandry, as it were. That call is first given in the book of Genesis, and is echoed throughout the literature and imagery of the Old and New Testaments used over and over again. Tall growing, strong rooted tree's, lush, verdant flowing waters, and many others.

All of these are well recited and used to demonstrate how we have a biblical mandate to care for our environment and our world, and remind us that we are not using as we should.

This book is not an easy read—it is an academic work—but it is one that is well worth struggling with, as the environment becomes more a focus we need to address. Certainly a must read for any church or individual that is truly interested in the environment and green issues at a deeper level.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (18/03/14)
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