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God In The Whirlwind

How The Holy-Love Of God Reorients Our World

by David F Wells


Price: £14.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:January 2014
Some books are simply difficult to read because the language employed makes assumptions about the theological predispositions of the reader. These become obstacles for the sincere reader that need to be traversed if the heart of the book is to be reached. This is one such book and sadly I have found the obstacles insurmountable.

This is a book that is first and foremost for American evangelicals; it speaks out of their context and seeks to explore some (mis) understandings about the nature of God, or in the language of the book ‘God’s character’. Not coming from either America or evangelicalism, I fail to connect readily with the issues that occupy Wells.

At the centre of his thesis is the concept of God’s ‘holy-love’ – the relationship between holiness and love – and through this Wells seeks to offer an answer to sometimes shallow evangelical approaches to the nature of God. Here Wells could draw more on catholic spiritual traditions than he does, for whilst all traditions have their faults and limitations, it is surely in the arena of the relationship between holiness and service that Catholicism can claim a considerable reputation.

Despite the limitations personally experienced in addressing this volume, Wells is to be commended for seeking to contribute to an area of evangelical thought that is clearly under-resourced. Others amongst his community of readers will find it invaluable. The book is accompanied by ample references and indexes.

Reviewer: David Ford   (28/03/15)
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