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Will You Join In OUr Crusade

The Invitation Of The Gospels Unlocked By The Inspriation of Les Miserables

by Steve Mann


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Circle Books imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd
Published:January 2014

This would make a really good 'seekers' introduction course to faith because it utilises the current passion for Les Miserables and the 2012 block buster film of it.

Each week of this seven week study is divided into seperate days, with the 7th day being the questions for personal or group study and also providing the appropriate clip that sums up the weeks study.

Each days study begins by providing a bible reference for you to look up and read, and then from there we get into focusing on the characters and situations from Les Miserable and from there pulling and teasing out the idea’s that are gospel centred, drawing the comparisons to Jesus' own actions.

So this book could be used individually and daily, and in this manner would be great for those looking for something different to do in their own quiet time, but by the same token it could be so easily reworked to be a group course, and as I said at the beginning I really think this would be a brilliant 'seekers' course - open, easily approachable and understandable for those with little knowledge of the gospels, as well as those with knowledge but that are looking to find modern meaning and relevance...

An excellent resource and very well done indeed.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (29/01/14)
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