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The Last Queen Of Sheba

A Novel

by Jill Francis Hudson


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Lion Hudson
Published:31 July 2014

The Last Queen of Sheba centres on the visit made by the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon (recorded in 1 Kings 10 and 2 Chronicles 9) and draws on legends written about this event.

The main characters, Tamrin, Makeda the Queen of Sheba, and Menelik are likeable and the reader is drawn into their story. When Tamrin and Makeda visit King Solomon, he is portrayed as godly, wise and dynamic; Israel is described as enjoying its ‘golden age’ and the fictional love story is not overdone.

The reasons the author gives for the changes in King Solomon which lead to the downfall of the kingdom of Israel fit in with the plot she has conceived. It is interesting to consider how and why he changed so much, when everything had been going so well for him. The contrast when Menelik visits Solomon 20 years on from Makeda’s visit is told convincingly.

Given that the story is set in ancient times, it manages to be accessible and keeps the reader interested.

Reviewer: Heloise Hearn   (28/07/14)
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