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Not All The Spirits Are Good

by Ian Acheson


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Lion Hudson
Published:March 2013
When I first looked at the front cover for this book I thought 'No way this book is gonna freak me out'. But it didn't. Whilst the eyes on the cover are a bit off putting from the very first chapter I was hooked.

Acheson very cleverly writes this book simultaneously on two levels - the earthly realm and the heavenly realm. It is a story of power struggles and ultimately the love of money, which Acheson demonstrates here, is really the root of all evil.

Written in the modern day it follows the lead character Professor Jack Haines across the world as he uncovers and tries to foil a most heinous plan. The story is fast moving and thought provoking and it certainly left me thinking could this type of thing really be happening in the world today and if so why am I not doing as the Bible tells me to and praying for the authorities more.
I highly recommend this book - a very good read - and I hope that this author writes some more novels. This is an aussie Ted Dekker.

Reviewer: ZoŽ Stevenson   (17/01/14)
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