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52 Short Stories, Sermons And Studies Giving You Plenty OF Food For Thought

by Ishmeal


Price: £9.99
Publisher:CWR (Crusade for World Revival)
Published:September 2013

This is a series of 52 short stories, sermons and Bible studies on a wide range of topics. The author is Ian Smale, better known as Ishmael. He is currently a Deacon at Chichester Cathedral.

Ishmael has a varied Christian background and this shows in his writings. Essentially an evangelical Anglican, he does stray into Pentecostal and even Anglo-catholic views.

Ishmael can certainly tell a story. Quite often he writes in a jaunty style with many amusing comments. This was not to my taste—the message of God's word is too important to trivialise in this way. However, the best chapters (such as ‘Insured but not fully protected’) have a more serious tone and tackle head on important questions and subjects.

Overall this book is like the nibbles you might be offered at a cocktail party: Some are tasty leaving you wanting more, some are tasteless leaving you wanting less.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (17/03/14)
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