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Supernatural Living for Natural People

The Life-Giving Message of Romans 8

by Raymond C Ortlund Jr.


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Christian Focus Publications
Published:March 2013
This is a series of studies on that wonderful chapter in God's word: Romans 8.

Beginning with "No Condemnation" and concluding with "Love Unending", Raymond Ortland unveils the spiritual riches we find in these verses "peace with God, the work of the Holy Spirit, the glory of our eternal inheritance and the power of God's love in our lives".

The book is written in a sermonic form, full of careful exposition, arresting illustrations and pastoral application. We see afresh the greatness of God and the wonder of his salvation for us. This is a book to revive flagging saints.

Do not be put off by the cover with its strange picture of a man floating in mid air. There is nothing strange about the contents ­it is firmly rooted in God's word.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (05/07/13)
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