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To Walk Or Stay

Trusting God through shattered hopes and suffocating fears

by Lara Williams


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Christian Focus Publications
Published:January 2013
This is a courageous book on the part of both the author and her husband, whose marriage had steadily deteriorated in its infancy. To the outsider they seemed a happy Christian couple with three young children. Behind the doors, however, it was a different story - tension, suspicion aand then the shattering realisation of betrayal.

Slowly Lara comes to let God take control of her fears and challenges as she wrestles with the idea of forgiveness. The book's subtitle sums it up - Trusting God through shattered hopes and sufffocating fears. Through the power of the Spirit and the guidance of His word Lara resists the idea of divorce and now lives with her husband and children in North Carolina.

Each chapter ends with questions for group discussion and pointers for those who want to "dig deeper". This is a book not only to help those whose marriages are failing, or which have failed, but for all facing seemingly insoluble problems, and who need the encouragement and renewed belief in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

Reviewer: Margaret Walker   (18/09/13)
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