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Nine lives

The Enneagram in life stories

by Eric Foggitt


Price: £11.99
Publisher:O Books imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd
Published:December 2012
Nine lives by Eric Foggitt is a welcome addition to books on the Enneagram. These fictionalised accounts of the life of a person of each type, allow you to take in how the lives and actions of the types can be seen both by themselves and in relation to others. This way of telling a series of intersecting stories based around people in the same town and within the same churches really demonstrate how the types, as actual people, can look in childhood; adolescence; at work; and at home in relationships. It also works in identifying and demonstrating the shadow feature of each type, the fears and negatives that can drive and hinder. There is much in the book about how our way of practicing faith can be coloured by our type's outlook and drivers - I also found this helpful. The element of spirituality is central to these stories and views and the questions or 'spiritual exercises' at the end of each section are also very good at both helping to draw out understanding of our type in relation to ourselves, but also at building up a good biblical connection for each type too. Very good and a highly unusual book on the Enneagram and spirituality and very very easy and enjoyable to read.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (08/02/13)
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