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Only Say The Word

Affirming Gay and Lesbian Love

by Alan McManus


Price: £9.99
Publisher:John Hunt Publishing Ltd
Published:January 2013
This is a very different book, its intent is to offer forward a more merciful reading of scripture and theology that affirms homosexuality rather than suffering or rejecting homosexuality. In the book we are introduced to a rainbow of churches, each church preceding a chapter that offers forward a different perspective of reception that gay or lesbian people may come across. These are all quite readily recognised positions – these short introductions to the rainbow churches are quite interesting in themselves given they are written in the first person with gentle commentary on issues that may be at heart here. From these we then move onto more considered arguments, discussions or contemplations that help to develop the feelings and understandings of those from the gay community as they endeavour to make understood the position they are often in…

I'm not sure the book entirely achieved its aim of "Affirming Gay & Lesbian Love" but for me the most moving piece is the ABC of the Cloud of Witnesses we encounter in the Violet Church on page 54. This is something that for me should be read and reflected on by everyone, regardless of gender or opinion, and makes this book important because if we can't be moved by this then there is something fundamentally wrong with how we understand the command to love others as ourselves.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (19/02/13)
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