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Am I Missing Something?

by Ruth Roberts


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:March 2013
This is the sort of book I enjoy reading, finding myself nodding in agreement throughout. But I also felt very guilty reading it because some of the people Ruth refers to in the "world of church" could easily be me. Through letters and diary entries she takes a humorous yet taxing look at how we in the church behave towards – and are often seen by – people "outside". She makes you stop and think and reading this might just make some church "insiders" stop and think. She writes from the viewpoint of a new believer trying to come to terms with her new-found faith whilst having to assimilate all the "quirky" ways of church and churchgoers. So this is a book for seekers and new believers too. Many "church people" will not agree with her views on certain issues (homosexuality and attitudes towards women for example) but she clearly articulates her confusion and that of others looking in on the church.

Reviewer: Clem Jackson   (07/03/13)

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