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Runaway, Red Beret, And Reverend

The Remarkable Story Of Mike McDade

by John Alexander


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:October 2012
A short (under 130 pages) but strangely satisfying testimonial biography that although authored by John Alexander is largely told directly in the words of Mike McDade, a man that in his life has gone through the hardship of growing up in a troubled family, running away and living rough from the age of 14 until he joined the army, then after that left, got married, dabbled slightly on the wrong side of the legal in his pursuit of money and comfort and in the end came to find God, Christ and the Baptist church against all odds – well all odds except God's grace, power and calling in his life that is!
Mike McDade has served in a number of places in the UK as Baptist Minister, places like Warrington during the Warrington bombing, violent area's of London and finally the more rural area of Cambridgeshire. In all these places it has been quite apparent that God was at work through the actions of Mike and through the small and wonderful miracles that occurred in Mike’s life. The author, and indeed Mike himself, admits some might find these things too much to believe and acknowledge that is a choice for each reader to make, just as it is a choice for each person to accept and acknowledge such miracles that might occur in their own lives. For me this was the real lesson at the heart of this book – that if God has a calling on your life ( and I believe he does on all our lives!) then there is no escape from it – God's Will will happen if we just allow it and that is the remarkable story of faith that shines through in Mike McDades life and in this book.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (26/09/12)

Reader review: - Lee Burrows, Warrington, 8.10.12

From start to finish, I didnt put it down. I would definately recommend this book to others. Learnt a few things about my father-in-law.
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