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God Of The Sandpit

50 Prayers for Children, Young People, School Staff and their Christian School Communities

by Rachele & Gabby Tullio


Price: £10.99
Publisher:Mosaic Resources distributed by Alban Books
Published:October 2013

This is a short book made up mainly of a short reading/poem/meditiation and then a few questions and finally a prayer. Originally written within the context of catholic schools the material in it works for any christian teacher or school, regardless of denomination.

What I found most interesting is that such a wide mixture of people are being aimed at in this one short book. Some of the material is definitely teacher or school worker orientated—dealing with stress found in classrooms, with engaging with children and parents, and other such very familiar topics to anyone familiar with a school setting. Whereas other material is firmly aimed at the children and therefore very suitable for assembly or classroom prayers.

I can see that this book really would be useful in a few settings, not least I think for finding material for the school newsletter or bulletin boards as well as classroom use.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (19/03/14)
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