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Loss And Discovery

Responding to grief with the compassion of Christ and the skills of all God's people

by *Ed Margaret Wesley


Price: £21.99
Publisher:Mosaic Resources distributed by Alban Books
Published:March 2013
Loss and Discovery comprises nineteen papers presented at the inaugural conference of the Christian Care Network of Australasia, held in July 2012. Yet this book in not academically inaccessible nor geographically limited; it conveys a breadth of wisdom and insight that travels well and will be appreciated by those committed to the care of the grieving in a wide variety of contexts and locations.

Casting an eye over the topics addressed, this must have been a stupendous conference: Grief theory, biblical scholarship, trauma through natural disasters, discrimination and abuse, the impact of cultural traditions, the (in)effectiveness of our liturgies, personal stories—it's all here in abundance.

How to make use of the material is perhaps the greater challenge. Unless this is your specialist area this is not a book to read through from one end to the other (although the writing and editing is largely excellent). Accessing material of interest would be easier if the contents were more clearly listed. Indexes and a composite bibliography would help too.

All of which means it is probably students rather than practitioners who will find this volume most useful.

Reviewer: David Ford   (11/02/14)
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