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Being Human

Groundwork For A Theological Anthropology For The 21st Century

by Ed. David G Kirchhoffer


Price: £25.99
Publisher:Mosaic Resources distributed by Alban Books
Published:July 2013

This is a rich serving of theological anthropology. There's a rare breadth and depth plumbed in this offering. The core question of what it means to be human is well progressed here. Old and new perspectives are hosted with depth, dialogue, and respect.  

A variety of philosophical, anthropological, and theological approaches converge on themes of God, world and history. But much more than just this. Though this is clearly a niche title. It deserves more than just an academic readership. The detail is helpful for all who would enquire.

Your thinking will be well served and stretched by this title. This is technically written, well thought-out and includes lots of footnotes to resource future reading and research.

The chapters on ‘the incarnation and human sensibility', and ‘the love of nothing and the limits of knowledge', were some of my favourite parts of this work. My only greater wish had been that there was a substantive closing chapter that threaded together some common themes, new perspectives, and concluding provocation.

The contribution of this multi-authored book brings a valuable contribution. Here's to more!

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (23/12/13)
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