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The prophets And The Life Of The Church

by Ed. Jason T Lecreux


Price: £18.99
Publisher:Mosaic Resources distributed by Alban Books
Published:January 2014

This book is a festschrift—is a book honouring a respected person presented during his or her lifetime—dedicated to Dr. Gary Hall on occasion of his retirement as professor of Old Testament at Lincoln Christian University. The book contains 13 essays written by former students and work colleagues.

The first half of the book reflects Dr. Hall's lifelong interest in understanding the Old Testament and especially Deuteronomy. The book opens with an excellent article on how to interpret and apply the Old Testament. Some of the subsequent chapters are highly academic and therefore of limited spiritual benefit.

The second half is focused on preaching from the Old Testament especially Deuteronomy. Here the book comes alive giving teachers and preachers guidance and food for thought. Near the end are the best essays—in effect a clarion call to preach from the Old Testament.

Overall this is a book worth reading, especially for any preacher who hardly ever ventures into the Old Testament. If this book results in more expository preaching from books like Deuteronomy and Jeremiah, then I suspect that Dr. Hall will be very pleased.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (29/08/14)
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