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A Gospel Pageant

A Reader's Guide to the Book Of Revelation

by Allan Chapple


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Mosaic Resources distributed by Alban Books
Published:March 2013
This small book is a guidebook to those who find the book of Revelation too mystifying to understand. Allan Chapple gives us a bird's eye view of the book, helping us to understand the basic themes and meaning.

His basic premise is that Revelation presents the same gospel we find everywhere else in the New Testament. What is different is not the message but the means of communicating that message.

He shows how Revelation is a series of visions using symbols heavily drawn from the Old Testament. He avoids the trap of taking the symbols literally but rather looks for the spiritual significance. He demonstrates that Revelation gives us several views of the events of the gospel age and the end of the world, but from different angles.

Each chapter covers 3 and 4 chapters of Revelation and to benefit from this book you will need to read the relevant chapters of Revelation first and look up the many Bible references as you read it.

I would recommend this work to the serious minded Christian who wants to understand the wonderful book of Revelation, but who is not yet ready to read a verse by verse commentary.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (02/08/13)
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