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Francis of Rome & Francis Of Assisi

A New Springtime For The Church

by Leonardo Boff


Price: £11.99
Publisher:Orbis Books from Alban Books
Published:October 2014

As a lapsed catholic this book was a pleasure to read. I found myself nodding my head at much of what Boff, a theologian, professor and former Franciscan, had to say on the catholic church of old.

He speaks honestly about the difficulties of the modern church and why its flock was and is fleeing. And then he talks about Francis of Rome, a pope aligned with the teachings of Francis of Assisi in more than just name, a pope I myself has said could tempt me back to the Catholic Church.

This is an insightful, thought provoking and intelligent book looking at the ministry of Pope Francis and the future of the church under him. This book doesn’t condemn the catholic church but seeks to show that by looking at its flaws and faults with open eyes, we can in fact heal it and bring back its flock.

I read this book with great respect for its honesty and its inspiration for the future but most of all I read this book with hope for the new springtime in the church.

Reviewer: Allison Carroll   (06/02/15)
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