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Giving Up god ... To Find God

Breaking Free Of Idolatry

by Kerry Walters


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Orbis Books from Alban Books
Published:September 2013
The creation of idols seem to be an inescapable part of the life of faith. This is a powerful and authentic exploration of 'designer gods' from the keyboard of Kerry Walters.
"Giving Up god... to Find God" is a short and insightful book that examines errors we make when we think about God, and how these things obstruct our depth of life with God. This is full of technical research, robust thought and dashes of inspiration. 

The book would be an ideal choice for church and study group use, as each chapter deals with a different, clearly-defined misconception of God. The book would also interest 'Introduction to Religion' college classes and individual spiritual seekers struggling to understand God.

Walters summarizes well some of the major errors in thinking about God in various categories. The book is written with clarity and good spirit as world views are engaged with objectively and their vulnerabilities laid bare. I wanted more around the Meister Eckhart take on things, more in the conclusion and more insight as to why, "taking leave of God for the sake of God is the greatest ask of renunciation that someone can make."
Just as Pascal said, "There is nothing so abominable in God's eyes as idolatry, whereby men render to the creature honor which is due only to the Creator." This is top-class stuff. 

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (07/12/13)
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