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A Gospel

by Henri Nouwen


Price: £16.99
Publisher:Orbis Books from Alban Books
Published:September 2013

In this book Michael O’Laughlin, Henri Nouwen’s teaching assistant at Harvard, skillfully selects from Nouwen’s wealth of writings to explore the Gospel story. As perhaps can be expected from Nouwen, the result is engaging, intimate and insightful.

Starting with a general exploration of Jesus and ‘living spiritually’, O’Laughlin takes a short section of scripture followed by some of Nouwen’s reflections on the scripture/topic. He winds his way through the whole of the Gospel story, from the annunciation to the day of Pentecost and the second coming. Each section is on two pages, occasionally a few more, which results in a book that is delightfully easy to pick up and just read a little of. Indeed, each section tended to make me want to take some time to consider the, often new, insights that Nouwen’s reflections gave to that area of the Gospel story before continuing with the next. I thought this book was fantastic as an individual read but could also work excellently as part of a book group or ‘course’.

The insightful, deep reflections provided new ways for me to consider the familiar story of the Gospel and it is a book I will definitely revisit in the future. This book is excellent.

Reviewer: Tim Hupfield   (27/01/15)
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