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Suffering and the Christian Life

editor Richard W Miller


Price: £14.99
Publisher:Orbis Books from Alban Books
Published:April 2013
Only 152 pages long but this is an insightful and challenging book that looks intensely at the concept of suffering and the Christian life from a range of angles and with considered Biblical and theological exegesis, which given the calibre of the contributors, all noted Catholic scholars e.g. Daniel J Harrington, SJ, is not surprising.

Broken down into six chapters with three to be found in each of the two sections, Biblical themes concerning suffering and contemporary theological reflection on suffering, this book really does seriously address most of the issues and questions to do with suffering from the Old Testament to the New Testament and from the divine aspect to the human cost.

It is serious but clearly written and so although challenging and academic on one level it is on another readily accessible in tone and language for anyone interested in studying the nature of suffering from a Christian Biblical point of view. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (15/04/13)
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