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Connecting with God

Prayers for Those Who Have Yet to Find the Words

by William J O'Malley


Price: £10.99
Publisher:Orbis Books from Alban Books
Published:March 2013

The introduction describes prayer and what this book is about more clearly than any other book I have read. One sentence in particular resonated with me, "These pages are conversation starters for anyone interested in giving God a chance to become a better friend." and there are other sentences of equal value that I will leave you to discover for yourself.

Rather than chapters, the book is divided into key words or thoughts, followed by a suggested worship time. The subjects include, picked at random, Importance, Patience, Anger, Uncertainty, Miracles, and many more. Each of these has an opening sentence called Presence, followed by Grace, a passage based on scripture as a Psalm, a poetic piece described as a Hymn, a Reading by a variety of authors, a piece of Scripture in modern parlance and a closing Prayer.

At the start of each piece is the plea "Quiet my mind. Open my heart. Quicken my soul." However experienced you feel you are in praying, that plea should be heartfelt. If you are new to faith, rest assured that long term Christians can continue to learn, indeed need to learn from books like this too.

I am learning to spend time with that opening phrase before rushing into whatever is on my mind. As I read through Connecting With God I found so much to teach me and inform me, it really is a jewel of a book.

Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (30/05/13)
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