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The Homeless Bishop

A Novel

by Joseph F Girzone


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Orbis Books from Alban Books
Published:May 2013
If you prefer your fiction gritty and realistic, this is not the book for you; if you'd rather escape to a parallel universe where the poor are always grateful, wrongdoers always repent and the good guy always wins, then you will enjoy the Homeless Bishop. Carlo Brunini, the eponymous hero, is a saintly man, unfailingly wise, generous, shrewd and courageous, whose only human weakness is one of love. He lives with the homeless for a year and a half in order to become a better shepherd then, returning home, he becomes a father figure to his local homeless community, adopts a family, defeats the Mafia, rises in the Catholic Church, and then takes on ambassadorship to Iran. By the time he has that country enthusiastically accepting cross-faith ecumenism and is respected and revered by ayatollahs and politicians alike, even the least demanding of readers may be finding the story rather difficult to swallow. His subsequent rise to cardinal and then pope will come as no surprise, nor will his brisk approach to reforming the Vatican. A pleasant exercise in wishful thinking and an excellent holiday read for the sweet toothed.

Reviewer: Diane Morrison   (30/07/13)
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