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The true story of a young man glorifying God in life and death

by Dani Ramsey


Price: £12.50
Publisher:Xulon Press Distributed by Gardners
Published:05 June 2012
Dani Ramsey tells, with great emotion, the moving story of her son Micah, who died of cancer at the age of 15 in 2009. Her book is subtitled The true story of a young man glorifying God in life and death, and Dani, whose family - Micah included - is devoted to mission work in West Virginia and beyond, has written it to inspire and challenge readers to seek and trust God as Micah did, for he refused to let cancer destroy his faith. The book contains many of Micah's own uplifting words that show great Christian commitment and maturity in one so young. The hero of these writings, of course, is not Micah, but God, the "great, mighty and totally awesome God". As Micah scribbled in his journal, "I need to give my all to Him without reserve, make Him Lord of my life, and hold nothing back". Reading his life will surely stir you.

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Reviewer: Barry Vendy   (19/11/12)

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