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Preaching The Hard Words Of Jesus (Preachers Toolbox)

by Steven D Mathewson


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Hendrickson from Alban Books
Published:July 2013

This is a book aimed at helping preachers understand, and then explain some of the hard sayings of Jesus. Each of the nine chapters look at a different aspect of Jesus’ teaching such as hell & judgement, sex and marriage, and the end times.

Drawing on his own experience and the wisdom of others, Dr. Mathewson provides a wealth of thoughtful advice. He emphasises the importance of being faithful to the text and the context. He provides not only an explanation of the sayings of Jesus, but also gives examples of how to present that truth in a sermon.

A particular highlight for me was the chapter covering God’s sovereignty and human freedom. He emphasises that we must not allow an Arminian or a Calvanistic view to diminish the plain meaning of words of Jesus that do not sit well with our theology. He urges us to preach the text rather than our theological system.

Overall this is an excellent resource. It will help the serious teacher to communicate God’s Word with honesty and clarity.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (30/11/13)
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