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The Cape Town Commitment

Study For Small Groups Curriculum Pack

compiled by Sara Singleton and Matt Ristuccia


Paperback with DVD
Price: £9.99
Publisher:Hendrickson from Alban Books
Published:January 2013
The Cape Town Commitment resulted from the Third Lausanne Conference on World Evangelisation, a gathering of over 4,000 evangelical Christians from almost 200 countries meeting in Cape Town in 2010. This study guide and accompanying DVD provides a substantial 12-session course that addresses all the key issues that dominate world evangelism in the second decade of the 21st century. Session titles include: Building the Peace of Christ in our divided and broken world; Christ's peace for the poor and oppressed; Living the love of Christ amongst people of other faiths; Discerning the will of Christ for children and for cities; Calling the church back to humility, integrity and simplicity; Wealth, poverty and power; and so on.

Each one-hour session draws on material from the conference either through the accompanying DVD or through the text of The Cape Town Commitment (CTC) that comprises the second half of the study guide. The format of each session is broadly similar beginning with an opening reflection and introduction, followed by a challenging video clip with subsequent questions and discussion pointers. Each session seeks to steer participants from initially engaging with and responding to the experience of a Christian from a challenging context, through to a discussion and acceptance of the relevant CTC text.

The DVD is very effective at reminding us that we are part of a world church - there is only one body of Christ - and that none of us can effectively declare UDI as Christians; we have a responsibility to each other that reaches far beyond our own parochial concerns. Inevitably, given its origins, the CTC is conservative both theologically and ethically, and yet even here this is handled with a deep sensitivity that commands respect. What we need now perhaps is an equivalent small group study guide that can bridge the evangelical, catholic and orthodox barriers in an equally convincing way.

Reviewer: David Ford   (04/09/13)
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