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Getting Into God

Practical Guidelines For The Christian Life

by Stuart Briscoe


Price: £7.50
Publisher:CLC Wholesale
Published:January 2014

This is a practical book that aims to help Christians improve their spiritual life in three areas: Bible study, prayer and witnessing.

Pastor Stuart Briscoe writes in an engaging, personal style, but this does not mean that what he says is shallow. The sections on Bible study and prayer are particularly good, giving a great deal of wise advice. He clearly explains why reading the Bible is so important and how to go about it. He encourages us to buy and read good commentaries like Matthew Henry. He shows from the scriptures how to pray and what to pray for, highlighting the teaching and example of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The longest section is on witnessing and, although he makes many good observations, its not as strong as the rest of the book. This is because he talks of conversion as a commitment rather than a work of God. This leads him to overemphasise what we can do rather than what God must do. Yes, we plant and water, but God, and God alone, gives the increase.

That said, I do recommend this book especially for Christians young in the faith. There is also food for thought for preachers - they will find, as a by-product of reading this book, many suggestions for sermon outlines on the three subjects covered.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (28/02/15)
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