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Finding God in the Shack

by Randal Rauser


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Paternoster Press imprint of Authentic Media
Published:March 2009
With five million books sold you can say that ‘The Shack’ is a best seller. As an evangelistic tool you can say that it is very effective. As an exploration of Christian theology however, you enter a debate. Some like J John call it ‘inspirational’, while others like Michael Youssef call it ‘heresy’. At this point enter a theologian! Randal Rauser is an advocate of The Shack and explores all of the debatable territory in an easy to read conversational style. He makes complex theology accessible as he explores, for example, The Shack’s depiction of the Trinity (Papa, Jesus and Sarayu); issues like womanhood in the Godhead; paradox and contradiction; mystery; pain and suffering etc. Finding God in the Shack is more than a companion guide, it is as useful as the best seller it is based on as an exploration of Christian faith today.

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Reviewer: Jim Currin   (30/04/09)
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