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The Beauty And Glory Of The Holy Spirit

by ed. Joel R Beeke


Price: £18.99
Publisher:Reformation Heritage Books from EP
Published:16 August 2012
There has long been tension between the Reformed and Charismatic viewpoints as to the place and function of the Holy Spirit in today's Church. What is not in doubt is that the Holy Spirit is important in the life of individual Christians and in the wider Church. This book comes unashamedly from the Reformed tradition and comprises a number of essays, originally conference addresses, given in 2011 at the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Divided into three parts it comprises: Biblical Studies, Doctrinal Studies and Historical Theological Studies, plus a pastoral perspective. Many of the contributors will be little known this side of the Atlantic but each one contributes a valuable study of the subject and seeks to guide the reader to a clear Biblical understanding of the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Any understanding of the Holy Spirit needs to be grounded firmly in Scripture and each essay seeks to do just that. The book also contains a useful final chapter on the King James Version. Although not everyone will agree with everything contained in it, the book would be very useful to have on the shelf, particularly for preachers and theological students, whether in the Reformed tradition of the Church or not.

Reviewer: Graham Wise   (08/12/14)
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