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John Stott: Pastor, Leader, Friend (The Didaskoo Files)

by Chris Wright


Stapled A5 Pbk.
Price: £2.99
Publisher:Hendrickson from Alban Books
Published:September 2012
This booklet is an appreciation of the life and work of John Stott, the well-known Anglican evangelical who died in 2011. There are a dozen contributors that reflect the extensive influence that John Stott had on the evangelical scene in Britain and abroad. The common theme that comes out is of a gracious, humble man who was dedicated to teaching the word of God.

All the contributors write in fulsome praise of John Stott the man and his work with no hint of criticism. No reference is made to the controversial aspects of his doctrinal and ecumenical position that made it difficult for many non-conformist evangelicals to work with him or to heartily recommend his books.

Those who think John Stott was the one of the greatest leaders of the evangelical church in the 20th century will find much to confirm their view. Those who wish to have a more balanced view about his contribution will need to look elsewhere.

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Reviewer: Alan Hill   (13/02/13)
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