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Troubled Waters

by Rene Gutteridge


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Hendrickson from Alban Books
Troubled Waters is set in modern day Kansas, USA. Macey Siegel, the main character is an only child who was brought up on a farm in what appears to be a fairly strict household and her father was a leading person in the church. Macey and her dad had a close relationship, that is until something happens and Macey feels forced to leave which she does and breaks ties with her parents and friends.

Troubled Waters starts when Macey has to face her hometown 17 years later when she returns for her father's funeral. The past that Macey has kept buried has eaten away her peace and she is on the edge all the time.

Gutteridge's main theme of the story is relationship restoration and I loved to see God working in Macey's life and seeing other people working with her to bring her to a place where she forgives herself and others and in return receives the peace that she has so desperately needed.

I really enjoyed this book, for me it offered God moving in a situation, a good storyline and a bit of romance. What I did find frustrating was sensing that there was going to be an horrific past incident and would Macey just get on and tell us about it so she can move on. When Macey does eventually disclose her hidden secret - yes it was tragic but I didn't feel like that travesty was really made realistic enough and the deep rooted effects it had had on her life. For me it wasn't emotionally upsetting enough. Overall though it was a good read and please don't be put off by how insensitive I can be and it might make you weep and therefore get the box of tissues ready.

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Reviewer: Zoë Stevenson   (28/01/13)
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