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Everyday Matters Bible For Women

Practical Encouragement to Make Every Day Matter - NLT (New Living Translation)

Notes compiled by various authors


Price: £29.99
Publisher:Hendrickson from Alban Books
Published:08 August 2012
Another lovely looking women’s devotional Bible. I liked the way the spiritual practices notes are made to look like note pages that have been stuck in using masking tape and the way the Question & Answer sections are made to look like lined notebook pages just ripped out, it's a nice look for a Bible that's designed to be used everyday and to reflect everyday matters. What is even nicer is that even though these everyday touches abound, so too do more gentle decorative flourishes such as the leaves pattern backing the page chapter and verse side headers and the gentle mint green accents throughout. Just really nice touches.
The notes throughout the Bible reflect on twenty-four spiritual disciplines that stand well alone but also work well in conjunction with others so that in effect you can build up themes for instance by linking together Worship, Celebration and Faith or Community, Mentoring and Service. At the back of the Bible there is also a wonderful section where each of the spiritual disciplines has its own short breakdown, and Bible verse's resource.
A great everyday devotional Bible for women, the only thing that lets it down is that there is a lot of bleedthrough on the pages due to the thinness of the paper and while for most this will not be a problem I think for anyone with a sight issue this would make this otherwise excellent Bible a little hard to use, and that's a pity. Definitely a great gift to give, but would also be a nice present to treat yourself to, for using in your quiet times.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (09/08/12)
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