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Preaching The Four Gospels With Confidence

(Preachers Toolbox Series)

by Steven D Mathewson


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Hendrickson from Alban Books
Published:July 2013
Preaching the four gospels with confidence is written for those who love Jesus and want to proclaim Jesus in this world.

Right from the off, this book gets my attention with a
spirited exploration of the optimum length of a sermon. Mathewson offers something quite unique concerning unity, range and convictions about the person of Christ. There's lots of hermeneutically rich reference material here, solid counsel and pastoral insight. The sections covering conflict, paradox and contrast for me are worth the price of the book.

It will renew your gospel confidence as you read and re-read the gospel through the gift of this book. Steven Matthewson thank you for this helpful teaching.

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (15/11/13)
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