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Revolution in World Missions

by K.P. Yohannan


Publisher:Gospel for Asia
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Addressed predominantly to the American market this book is still very applicable to the UK. Originally published in 1986 it has been updated and reprinted many times since making it as relevant to the present day as it was all those years ago.
The purpose of the book is to attract financial support for the national missionaries of Asia rather than supporting Western agencies who require so much more money and are relatively ineffectual. K.P.Yohannan spells out his vision of evangelism within his own country of India and in the other countries of Asia who so desperately need to hear about Jesus and the love of our God. He then tells us about some of these men, who with their wives and families live in very humble circumstances alongside the people they are working to evangelise. He is not decrying the work of Western missionaries who have been instrumental in setting up churches in so many places, he is just saying that it is now time for native missionaries to take the work forward and that can only be done with financial support from the West. Understandably he has found the affluence and the profligate ways of westerners hard to live with, their propensity for wanting financial control beyond what is reasonable and yet cannot move his God given vision foreward without Western involvement.
A very readable plea from the heart that has done and will in the future touch many lives.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (24/01/12)
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