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Another Manís War

The True Story of One Man's Battle to Save Children in the Sudan

by Sam Childers


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Thomas Nelson From TMD or Joining the Dots
Published:October 2011
Originally published in 2009.
At one time in his life, Sam Childers was likely to be seen carrying a gun, some illicit substances, and the money he made from selling them. At others, the guns were still present but drug dealing had given way to the life of a Shotgunner - the enforcer, and armed guard for the criminal underworld.
Worried for his life, Sam laid down his arms, and took up a job as a construction worker. Unable to fully escape the life of drugs that had defined his life for so long, Sam returned to the church of his childhood. Another Manís War is the story of his transformation. However, once God stepped in and changed Childersí life things got really messy.
Called to South Sudan, to set up an orphanage to rescue and care for the children affected by the Sudanese war, Sam soon found himself in the crosshairs of the LRA (the Lordís Resistance Army), a militant and cannibalistic cult and guerrilla army prevalent in this area.
Today, Sam is known as the 'Machine Gun Preacher', gun in one hand, bible in the other, his goal is simply to free those children taken and enslaved by this brutal regime.
This book is also the story of Childersí dramatic and at times controversial pursuit of Godís calling on his life. Active in the Sudanese Peopleís Liberation Movement, which saw South Sudan establish independence from the north, Sam is today, a well loved and respected leader in his community. Although he has taken his fair share of criticismósomething he is not afraid to admit to when warrantedóChilders is not short on supporters, not least amongst the children he has rescued.
Now a major motion picture (The Machine Gun Preacher Starring Gerard Butler as Childers), this book is the true story of one manís miraculous road to redemption. A truly inspiring read for anyone who has ever feared that their mistakes are two big for God to overcome, it will especially appeal to men, and anyone who has seen the movie, and wants to know more about Childers. The book is conversational in style, and feels like sitting in a room with Childers while he recounts his life story to you. An engaging read, it is nonetheless, not for the faint of heart.

There has been some adverse publicity on line but when a Christianity Today reporter visited the orphanage in September 2011, Childers's staff, including two American men, were still on the premises, saying that the only problems at the facility were minor and had been taken care of. The reporter observed no significant problems; the children seemed happy and healthy, and living conditions seemed generally good. Note by TGBS Editor

Reviewer: Luke Hughes-Bunger   (26/01/12)

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