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Save the Date

by Jenny B Jones


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Thomas Nelson From TMD or Joining the Dots
Published:12 February 2011
I sank into this story with a warm feeling of contentment. I was having a break from work, I could just read and read with an uncritical eye and great pleasure.
A harder look could have found fault with the sometimes implausible twists and turns, but so what! I read for enjoyment and that is what I got.
Lucy has grown up in the town where she is now putting heart and soul into providing a stable home for girls who have outgrown the social system and are now left to struggle on their own. She is among people who she always felt looked down upon her. Her mother had been a single mum, a cleaner, always struggling for money yet who insisted on sending her to a posh school. Not easy for either of them.
As the story unfolds, Lucy meets with Alex, a famous ex-footballer known as the Playboy. He had scorned her at school and does not appear to have changed.
And yet.......
Indulge yourself; read on to the happy ending and just enjoy it as I did.

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