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Rebuilding Youth Ministry

Ten Practical Strategies For Catholic Parishes

by Christopher Wesley


Price: £6.99
Publisher:Ave Maria Press from Alban Bks
Published:30 April 2015

I read this book as someone who is passionate to see an end result of young people encouraged in their relationship with Jesus and being able to be part of something bigger than themselves. Whilst I accept it is important to let readers know in advance the specific focus of a book (Catholic Parish Youth Ministry), this can sometimes be so niche that the general content is missed by many who could benefit.

Wesley is obviously experienced specifically as a Catholic youth minister, and that is where his focus and heart lies. You can feel his frustration with those who have misunderstood the importance of youth ministry in his and other church parishes combined with his enthusiasm to encourage and equip those who are committed to doing it well. It jumps out of every page.

The practical guidance is brought through his personal experiences of setting up the youth ministry in his own church. He provides guidance for those with different levels of support and backing. He brilliantly cuts straight past the practical issues and starts with the all important heart and purpose of the ministry itself: effectively challenging all to get this right first or waste your time on everything else.

This book would be helpful reading for those involved with youth ministry in any Christian denomination. There are obviously specific Catholic theologies and practices, which may not be right for all. The Catholic church has led the way for centuries in so many aspects of church life, Wesley has reminded Catholics and other denominations alike that youth ministry is a vital part of that.

Reviewer: Barry Mason   (18/08/15)
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