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The Prayer We Offer

A Catholic Guide to Communion with God

by Peter J Vaghi


Publisher:Ave Maria Press from Alban Bks
Published:03 April 2012
The book is subtitled A Catholic Guide to Communion with God and the author has extensive experience as priest and teacher. The book is concerned with a proper appreciation and understanding of prayer. Prayer is basically a lifting of our hearts and mind to God. Christ's injunction was 'to pray always without becoming weary' and to include prayer in everything we do in this life. The first part of the book looks at prayer in general, particularly in scripture, the Eucharist and the catechism and in the writings of Pope Benedict XVI and John-Paul II. The second part of the book examines in detail the Lord's prayer, the Our Father, which is the quintessential prayer of the Church and expresses a summary of the whole Gospel. Father Vaghi then examines that great chain of prayers, the Rosary, looking at each of the mysteries in detail, including the new 'Luminous Mysteries' of John-Paul II. Lastly there is a close examination of that final great prayer of Jesus on the cross at Gethsemane, the Last Words. Each of the seven petitions are looked at in depth. This book is a valuable contribution to spirituality and is both practical and accessible.

Reviewer: John Irvine   (15/12/12)
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