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From Willow Creek To Sacred Heart

Rekindling My Love for Catholicism

by Chris Haw


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Ave Maria Press from Alban Bks
Published:November 2012
Can you be an Evangelical and Catholic? Too right you can as Chris Haw so amazingly demonstrates in this book. The first part of the book is Chris Haw's testimony. A young man that left Catholicism early on and joined Willow Creek, then went on to Eastern University (the university that saw Shane Claiborne and others start the New Monastic movement afresh - indeed Claiborne provides the forward for this book) and out into the real tough love mission fields of urban poverty. All the while remaining evangelical at heart, even though due to where his mission placed him he was attending a Catholic church weekly, along with the Mennonites he was sharing community with. Over time and as we discover in the second part of this book he fell in love with the Catholic Church again, seeing in it a rhythm and call to action, a liturgical response that calls for action to the poor and that sees liberation theology as an active part of its reach. In this second part of the book he does not shy away from addressing the problems of the Catholic Church, but he does so clearly, honestly and without bias, demonstrating the good with the bad and highlighting in many ways how the differences that divide are not so big as we might think.

Chris Haw is still an Evangelical but he is a Catholic Evangelical - and that is an important thing to see and understand. This book really is an important work for ecumenical reasons and one I would encourage many people to read to get to see what Catholicism really is, as opposed to what many tend to think it is.

"This is an excellent and timely book and one that I really do recommend for Catholics, Evangelicals and any one else as well!" Claiborne

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (28/01/13)
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