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The 21-Day Dad's Challenge

Three Weeks to a Better Relationship With Your Kids

edited by Carey Casey


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Tyndale House Publishers from TMD
Published:October 2011
Many ‘self-help books’ are all well and good in theory, but not necessarily practical when it comes to application. I have just been through a 3 week renovation of my fatherhood skills, which were tested daily on the application front. I have enjoyed the encouragement and challenge laid out in each of the 21 days, from a range of Dads with various experiences.
Each chapter was simple and enjoyable to read through and able to be squeezed into 5 minutes or so before I went to bed, then dreaming about how I would act on it the next day. The book gives practical action points to implement within the next 24 hours, but helps to lay down foundations which will hopefully continue for much longer.
Before even finishing the book, I have seen the positive impact it has had on the relationship with my daughter and eldest son (my new born baby is yet to show response, but I’m sure it’ll come) and ultimately this has a knock on blessing to my wife and our family life. My favourite challenge has been the initiation of ‘Daddy dates’, which went great and we are already looking forward to the next. The truth is ‘it’s never too late to start, and it’s always too early to quit’.

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Reviewer: Barry Mason   (14/07/12)
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