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Church in the Present Tense

A Candid Look at What’s Emerging

by Scot McKnight, Peter Rollins, Kevin Corcoran & Jason Clark


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Brazos Press imprint of Baker Pub from SPCK
Published:April 2011
Brought together in this wonderful little book on the emerging church are four thinkers, theologians, writers and practitioners who all have a long history within the emerging church, and significant interaction with it on an academic level. In my years of reading books from the emerging church, there is no doubt that this collection of eight essays is by far the most incisive discussion of the fundamental changes and challenges that the emerging movement presents to the rest of the church.
Spanning philosophy, theology, worship, and doctrine, this collection gets right into the depths of the issues in each area - providing a level-headed discussion and argumentation along with an appreciation that the whole church is on the same side, which is a pleasant and vital change from the often-too-sharp rhetoric that emanates from some in the emerging camp.
Particularly impressive within this collection are Jason Clark's essays deconstructing consumerist liturgies whilst emphasising the fact of liturgy in everyday life, and Scot McKnight's essays on Scripture and Atonement that make small steps towards bridging the divide between more traditional evangelicals and the emerging church.

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Reviewer: Tim Goodall   (02/04/12)
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