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Repair My House

Becoming a Kingdom Catholic

by Michael H. Crosby


Price: £14.99
Publisher:Orbis Books from Alban Books
Published:March 2012
Michael Crosby, an author of many books, is a Capuchin Franciscan with degrees in economics and New Testament spirituality. Repair My House, a study of the state of the Catholic Church in crisis in the west, made me consider 'my' journey in faith.
In our diocese, our situation is one of less attendance and fewer priests: the fewer laity we have, the fewer vocational families. We are interdependent. If I consider being a mixture of part and whole of the church then I have a responsibility to myself and to her for the state we are in; This book helped me to reflect and to pray differently for our growing in Christian maturity.
Repair My House studies the crisis in its external, internal and structural causes; it helps us to ponder what is in the way - the possible collective and particular erroneous mindsets. We need to read this book and ponder about the questions it raises for all our beloved churches.

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Reviewer: Catherine Foster   (24/08/12)
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