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God, Creation, and Climate Change

A Catholic Response to the Environmental Crisis

Edited by Richard W. Miller


Publisher:Orbis Books from Alban Books
Published:October 2010
This book is a collection of essays by six American, committed Christian, and academics. As the title indicates, there is a strong theological slant. While clearly stating the dangers inherent in climate change, global warming and pollution, the writers emphasize our moral obligation to have a care for the whole of creation. It is suggested that, in describing our relationship with the rest of nature, the old biblical term “dominion over” should be replaced with “stewardship of” and “responsibility for”
. For further study of the problem and for practical involvement in dealing with it, many relevant websites are given in the panel discussion at the end. In his conclusion, an optimistic note is struck by Richard Miller when he puts forward the idea that the looming disasters previously described are not irreversible if the peoples of the world would unite, organize and mobilize themselves to bring about the necessary changes in lifestyle.

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Reviewer: Alexandra Irvine   (31/05/11)
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