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15 Days Of Prayer With Saint Augustine

by Jaime Garcia


Price: £8.99
Publisher:New City
Published:May 2014

In the opening section—‘How to use this book’—the author states that the purpose of the book is to lead you to a place where prayer is possible; a deeper place; a more intimate relationship with the Lord.

There are 15 sections of approximately 10 pages each. The author includes many quotes from Augustine’s writings that he then expands upon. At the beginning of each section is a focus point which introduces the topic of that section. At the end of each section are questions for reflection. Many of these are closed questions beginning ‘Do I…?’ which only enabled me to reflect yes or no!

The tone of the whole book is contemplative and mystical. Personally I found some of the statements in it difficult to grasp: For example, we read ‘In order to pray, then, we must enter into our own heart in order to seize it so we can give it.’ As the author says, ‘The experience of God does not give us the means to explain it’ and that is the difficulty of a book like this! In reading it I felt that I was trying to understand something a bit beyond me.

I felt that as the book progressed it became less about prayer specifically and more about what Augustine had to say on matters like Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the church. It is a book that requires thought. I didn’t find it directed me specifically enough to achieve its purpose as stated above.

Reviewer: Heloise Hearn   (19/09/14)
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